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Our New Mercantile Building!

The lovely new building nearby the Museum is our "Mercantile" that will soon house memorabilia from stores that supplied the early settlers and residents of the valley with the essentials that made life in the valley possible.  It was built by our talented volunteers, Gary and Loretta, and we are so very thankful for their work and for the funding of the building. We are in the process of deciding how best to fill the shelves and will update as the summer progresses.

New Railing !

It might seem like a small improvement, but our new railing makes a big impact! We are thankful to the City of Entiat for funding our wishes! We look forward to Summer Saturdays enjoying the view from the deck and opening our doors to visitors.

Flowers and Landscaping

Our dedicated member and volunteer Chuck Tudor has planted our beautiful  flower pots and begun weeding the grounds above the museum where the antique farm and road equipment is displayed.  Let us know if you have time to help with this work (especially the weeding ) as we always can use an extra hand!

See and Do: See and Do
See and Do: See and Do
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