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Building a Storefront

If you have taken a walk in the park or visited the Museum lately, you have seen the framework of a new structure being built by Gary Dickinson. The concept of an additional space that will replicate in style our beloved Coopers Store in Ardenvoir came about this last winter. The museum applied for and received a generous grant for materials, and Gary's awesome carpentry talents are making a dream come true! Watch for updates on this exciting project!

In other news, the second open week at the Museum was splendid with over 30 visitors and lots of shared stories. Many thanks to a generous community member and donor for funding the installation of the new air conditioning and heating system! We are excited to be able to extend our ability to work and share the museum in hot or cold weather.

Thanks to the City of Entiat, the museum now has free wifi, which greatly enhances our ability to provide visitors with books, gift cards and other sundry items for sale. On sale now are Albert Long's "Under the Guard of Ole Tyee", Phyllis Griffith's Nuggets of Entiat's Past, Bruce Foxworthy's "Making Do and Hanging On", Wendell George's "Last Chief Standing", and Pat West Turner's "Skiing Uphill".

Now is the season for wishing our graduating class of 2023 a hearty Congratulations and Best Wishes for a bright future! We believe in you and will always be your hometown supporters. Entiat High School Graduation is this Friday at 7:00 . Once a Tiger, always a Tiger!

Graduates from all classes are invited to the upcoming Alumni Gathering happening on Saturday, July 29, 2023 at the Entiat School Campus. More updates about this event will be coming soon but Mark Your Calendars!

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