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Cool Entiat in the Summertime

Last weekend was spectacularly great weather for the Entiat Vintage Classis Hydro Races, and the Vintage Car Show at the Entiat Park , right on the lawn in front of the Entiat Museum. The number and quality of cars was just amazing, and the hydroplane races were fun to watch.

The museum was exceptionally well visited with almost 150 people stopping by during Saturday's open hours.

Phyllis Griffith and Linda Olin were our intrepid hostesses. At the end of the day, I checked in to help close up, and heard about how many folks had reminisced with the ladies and /or learned for the first time about Entiat's history. I was so impressed with Phyllis and Linda's stamina on such a busy day, but not surprised, as they have always been strong women, who love their hometown, and have given so very much of their time and talents to sharing its history.

Another opportunity to share a good time with fellow Entiat Tigers is coming right up this Saturday, June 29 at the Entiat School

I hope all who attend have a wonderful time, and feel not only a special reconnection with the past, but notice the good things happening in our town and school now, and give your encouragement to the next generation of Entiat Tigers. We all need each other.

I have been reading Pat West Turnner's book Skiing Uphill and recommend it highly. Her story is inspiring, honest, and illustrates the power of the human spirit in the face of extreme challenge. Pat's resilience and optimism shines throughout the book. Copies of Skiing Uphill are available for purchase at the Entiat Museum. We will be open from noon to 5:00 this Saturday, which is a bit later than our usual hours, to allow for those of you who would like to visit after the Alumni Reunion to stop by. We would love to see you!

Remembering a refreshing splash in the Entiat river a few years back. Stay cool.

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