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Farewell to Wayne Long.

Updated: Jul 16

Saturday July 15, 2023, I had the great pleasure of sitting on the porch of the Albert Long Museum reading Under the Guard of Ole' Tyee, by Albert Long, compiled and edited by Wayne Long. Wayne passed away this past Wednesday, July 12, 2023. We will miss him so very much.

There will surely be wonderful stories told about Wayne. He served many years working for the US Forest Service. I look forward to hearing and reading from his family and friends and coworkers. I knew Wayne as the leader and President Emeritus of the Entiat Community Historical Society.

I admired him for so many reasons. He was an amazing artist, craftsperson and poet; he was dedicated to share the history of the Entiat Valley and to ensure future growth of the Museum. He and his dear wife Joanne brought the informative, well-conceived, designed and completed "Museum in the Park" signs that grace the walking path throughout the Entiat Park. He designed and built the very comprehensive historical exhibit based on his father's collection of photos, research and stories on display in the "dining room" of the museum. HIs enthusiasm for the work and fun of sharing the local history drew me and many others to become members of ECHS. I was so very honored when Wayne and Joanne attended our Spring All Members meeting and let me know they were happy with this website and blog. I so hope that the work that we continue to pursue gains his blessing as well as the blessing of his family, who are each and all the kind of people we all love and from whom we can learn so much.

Rest in Peace Wayne.

With hope that our paths may cross again.


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