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We are all part of Nature

In just a few days, we will welcome you to view the new exhibit titled "Last Chief Standing : the story of Chilcosahaskt and the Entiat Tribe as told by his great grandson Wendell George" at the Albert Long Entiat Museum. The exhibit was designed to be read unhurriedly and to give the reader a glimpse into the lives of the early Entiat tribe, and to confirm the ongoing relevance of that history and culture to the present day. In his Author's Preface to Last Chief Standing, Wendell writes, " The Indian form of democracy is far different than the dominant society. The question now is where the future will take both of them."

Wendell's talk will surely be fascinating for those who can attend the opening day event on Saturday, May 27. The museum volunteers are ready for your visits on all following Saturdays from 10 AM - 3 PM throughout the summer. Many good things are happening that promise to help us relate the stories and lessons of the past to better prepare for the future.

Again quoting Wendell George, " The past is always intriguing to the younger generation. To them our ancestors lived in exciting times. That may be so, but more importantly we should ask: What did they leave us that will help us lead better lives and what can we leave future generations? The underlying message sent by our ancestors was that we are all part of nature, I.e., the trees, rivers, mountains, sky, stars, etc. When we fully realize this we can do things we can't even imagine today."

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