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Windy Weather, Warm Hearts

Although the wind was chilly, Opening Day at the Entiat Museum warmed my heart. Judy and I spent the morning refreshing the displays and items for sale, and talking about our hopes for the future.

Our first visitors were a family of 5, who have lived in Entiat for years, but had never been in the museum. I recognized the parents from their visits years ago at the Entiat Public Library. Their interest in everything was rewarding, and the two children were so very curious and appreciative. The youngest boy frequently commented, " I love this house!". He asked many questions, and I answered as best I could, keeping in mind his age of about 5 years old. Adorably, he wondered about the ages of various things, including that of Judy and myself! We admittedly are a bit antique.

Another visitor was a man who brought in photos and a written interview of his great grandfather and family who lived in Entiat in the early 1900's. Judy took special care to deliver it to Phyllis, to be added to our collection of historical accounts of early life in the valley.

The afternoon continued windy and only few more visitors stopped in, but each were complimentary and thoughtful and fun to talk to. I found the time to look over a few items needing attention and even to read a bit from a book I have started on the ways AI will impact our future. Change is inevitable and good. But surely AI will never experience the connection of sharing stories of life long ago and the sweet sincerity of a child saying, " I love this house! "

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