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September 20 Entiat Museum Meeting 5:00 PM

Reflection of sky and land on water

Today, my dog Beau and I took a walk along the path af the Entiat Park. I kept thinking, this path should be called "Memory Lane" I often wonder what life was like in past generations. A glimpse of that is captured in each of the "Museum in the Park" exhibits along the path so lovingly and well designed by Joanne and Wayne Long. If you can, follow the signs from the Museum area all the way to just beyond the boat launch to read each one.

Our Entiat Museum is a reservoir of local history, of sweet memories of former days, and a real home that now houses art, artifacts, stories and many treasures. The most valuable of these are the people who share the fellowship of helping to care for the needs of our local musuem.

We will be having a meeting at the Museum on Wednesday, September 20 at 5:00 PM. Please join us and maybe bring a chair if you are interested in being an active member sharing the future of the Entiat Valley Historical Society.

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15 dic 2023

Wow, we are so fortunate to have landed here in this amazing valley a bunch of years ago and it is apparent that it is loved and revered by the local residents, us included. The history here is quite remarkable and the fact that the town of Entiat even survived and grew after the construction of Rocky Reach Dam is a testament to the strength of the original community and its ancestors. I am so proud to be a member of this great community and look forward to future improvements in the museum and its preservation of a wonderful history of this area.

Mi piace
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